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    Quality Is Our Promise

    :dc is the only mask manufacturer providing traceability of its products. Each pack of masks has an individual serial number for quality control. Each batch of films used in our products are tested by independent certificated lab to ensure the quality. You will be able to trace production history and test report online.

    :dcmasks have also passed EU EN 149 FFP2 certification, Taiwan PM 2.5 A level mask CNS 15980, medical mask CNS 14774, TN 95 certified mask CNS 14755, South Korea KF94, China GB/T 32610 A level protection certification... and other countries Multiple certifications, and every box of mask has their individual Identify Numbe.

    :dcMask also won both the Taiwan Excellence Award and the honor of National Safety and Quality.

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    Every box of mask has their individual Identify Number